Prieur LearyUnder most circumstances, the the storage, movement and manipulation of data happens in a business context, but the fact of the matter is, such data movement can also happen as a critical part of educational and charitable pursuits, when needed. Overall, Prieur Leary primarily provides IT services to companies in the financial services industry, including some who provide some of the most innovative and disruptive products in the industry. However, he can perform excellent IT services in virtually any environment where his services are needed.

It is perhaps Prieur Leary’s extensive IT experience that allows him to know and understand just important it is to keep systems up to date and to do whatever is necessary to eliminate security threats wherever they’re found. Prieur knows the key to doing business online comes with the understanding that the worst threats to any IT system are often not from external hackers, they are often internal. That is why ensuring that authentication privileges and access limits are always up to date is so important. That way, former employees will be unable to access systems following termination of their employment, is enormously important.

That is why Prieur Leary does everything he can to make sure the systems he is in charge of are as up-to-date and as safe as possible. In fact, the cybersecurity is doubly important for Prieur Leary because of his work as a financial advisor. Face it; any sort of laxity in the information technology space could cost his financial services clients a lot of money, which would go against his mission to make his best effort to increase his clients’ wealth. Failing to secure their information would go against that purpose.