Prieur Leary

So far in his career, Prieur Leary has enjoyed a long and very fruitful career in the information technology (IT) industry. That is partially because Prieur Leary understands better than most about the toll that cybersecurity takes on the IT space. Hacking and the compromising of data are the two greatest challenges faced by IT professionals, It is the main reason why he has been very diligent when it comes to that area of the information technology space. His current concern about the security of IT systems mirrors the current state of information technology globally.

Above all else, Prieur Leary knows well that, if the IT space wants to experience a bright future, the problem of hacking must be addressed successfully. If that doesn’t happen, the risks could make the current openness of the online world a thing of the past. Prieur Leary primarily provides IT services to companies who work within the financial services industry, including some that provide some of the most innovative and disruptive products in the industry.

Whereas Information technology (IT) is often broadly used as to describe computers and computer networks, Prieur Leary knows well that it also can refer to other types of technology, as well, including telephone, audio and video systems and even security devices and systems. Prieur Leary can help people in several languages, as he is fluent in Spanish and understands a lot of Portuguese. He has plenty of knowledge and experience in the area of international business relations, as well. Despite all that, Prieur Leary has developed a particular specialty in the area of information technology, which is the science surrounding the use of computers to store information/data, or to retrieve, transmit and/or manipulate that data.